BUIDL_IRL (🧱,🚀): The 5-day workshop to explore Web3.

BUIDL_IRL (🧱,🚀): The 5-day workshop to explore Web3.


I attended the BUIDL_IRL workshop series organized by the Polygon Guild Jaipur, aimed at teaching developers how to build various dApps on the Polygon Network. The workshops took place on March 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th, and April 1st. Each day was dedicated to building a different dApp on the Polygon Network, such as an NFT Collection dApp, an NFT Staking dApp, and a Gasless Transactions dApp. The workshop provided a structured learning environment that covered the basics of building on the Polygon Network. It began with an introduction to the Polygon Network, followed by an overview of each dApp we were building, and step-by-step instructions on how to build them. Experts were available to answer any questions we had during the building process. The workshop aimed to teach developers how to build dApps on the Polygon Network, promote the use of the Polygon Network as a platform for building dApps, and create a community of developers who can collaborate and build on the Polygon Network.

What was I doing before attending BUIDL_IRL?

As a Frontend Web Developer, I had a solid grasp of tools and technologies like ReactJs, NodeJs, and NextJs. While these skills were useful when interacting with smart contracts, I had no prior knowledge of Web3 development or related technologies such as Solidity. I was intrigued by the potential of blockchain technology and the emerging field of Web3 development, which prompted me to explore this space further.

I was thrilled to attend the BUIDL IRL workshop series as it offered a chance to expand my skill set and deepen my knowledge of Web3 development. I was eager to explore the possibilities of building decentralized applications using blockchain technology to provide innovative solutions to real-world problems. I looked forward to collaborating with like-minded individuals and learning from experienced developers in this space.

My expectations for the workshop series were to gain a comprehensive understanding of the tools, technologies, and best practices for building dapps on the Polygon Network. I was excited to learn about new tools and technologies specific to Web3 development and to gain hands-on experience building decentralized applications. Overall, I was enthusiastic about the opportunity to broaden my skill set and contribute to the growing community of Web3 developers.

What I have built during the BUIDL_IRL?

Throughout the workshop series, we embarked on a journey of building five unique projects on the Polygon Network.

On the first day, we kickstarted with writing a smart contract for minting an NFT and successfully deployed it on the Polygon Network.

The second day was all about creating our own NFTs using the NFT-collection dapp that relied on the previously developed smart contract. We also authored two more smart contracts to enable NFT staking.

The third day saw us integrating these smart contracts into the frontend for the staking dapp. We created an intuitive interface that facilitated staking and unstaking of NFTs and earning rewards.

On the fourth day, we delved into building a gasless staking dapp and learned about PolygonID. This unique identification schema enabled us to create and verify claims easily.

Lastly, we learned about zkEVM on the fifth day and deployed our ERC721 contract on it.

During the workshop series, we utilized a plethora of tools and technologies, including Solidity, Wagmi library, Ethers, WalletConnect, and web3 development tools like MetaMask, Polygon testnet, and Polygon zkEVM.

While working on these projects, we encountered several obstacles, such as debugging our code and understanding the intricate details of various web3 technologies. Some of the specific hurdles that we encountered were handling errors related to smart contract deployment and interactions, and comprehending the working of newer technologies such as zkEVM.

However, we overcame these challenges by collaborating with our peers, asking questions, and putting in persistent efforts towards debugging and problem-solving.

What do I know after attending BUIDL_IRL?

Throughout the BUIDL_IRL workshop series, I had the opportunity to delve into the development and architecture of dapps on the Polygon Network. The experience equipped me with practical knowledge of specific web3 development tools, such as Solidity, hardhat, and ethers.js. By learning how to write and deploy smart contracts, I gained a deeper appreciation of the potential of blockchain technology to provide real-world solutions.

One of the most significant takeaways from the workshop series was gaining a comprehensive understanding of the unique features and benefits of the Polygon Network. I was also introduced to key concepts such as smart contract development, NFTs, and staking on the blockchain. Working collaboratively with other participants helped me learn effective problem-solving techniques and troubleshooting skills.

Moreover, I appreciated the opportunity to experiment with various web3 development tools and technologies like the Wagmi library, Ethers, and WalletConnect. The workshop series allowed me to acquire relevant skills, such as debugging and problem-solving, that will prove useful in future projects.

In conclusion, the BUIDL_IRL workshop series was an engaging and rewarding introduction to the rapidly evolving world of web3 development. The knowledge and skills gained during the workshop have increased my enthusiasm for developing dapps on the Polygon Network. As a result, I am excited to apply my learning to future projects, such as creating an NFT marketplace. I am grateful for the chance to work with mentors and other developers in the BUIDL_IRL workshop series, and I am confident that the skills and experience gained will help me to thrive in the ever-changing web3 industry.